Cooperatives have conceived the world over as a device to bring together the likeminded people of limited means, on a common platform to solve their financial needs. Cooperatives’ main interest is to bring in more equitable institution of distribution and optimum utilization of the resources of human as well as financial assets/resources. ‘One for all, all for one’ is the basic theme of Cooperatives.

Firstly, In the Indo-Pakistan subcontinent, Cooperatives was introduced to save the down trodden peasants from the clutches of the usurious money lenders who had a firm strangle hold on the farming community. Later on it entered many diverse fields, like industry, housing, trading, consumer’s stores, etc., which helped in providing the cooperative movement with a broader base especially in the urban areas.

The Cooperative movement flourished in Pakistan in 1950s and 1960s when small farmers hit by the isolation of migration from India and paucity of resources welcomed the government activities of providing the platform of Cooperatives to them. A number of development schemes were launched to make the allied primary societies economically viable and improve the living conditions of farmers/members