Cooperative Training College Faisalabad

The importance of education in general and cooperative education in particular cannot be neglected. All the efforts to improve the movement cannot yield the desired results without the cooperative education among the office-bearers, members of cooperative societies in particular and among the masses in general. This  can only be achieved through continuing education and motivation for making them aware of the principles of “friend philosopher and guide” and philosophy “one for all and all for one”. To achieve these lofty ideals, a separate training wing has been established in Cooperatives Department, as Government Cooperative Training College, Faisalabad

Mission Statement

To introduce principles of cooperation,cooperative management and methods of collective development on cooperative basis. 


To impart training to the employees of Cooperatives Department, Cooperative Banks and Cooperative Institutions.


1960 at Lahore. It was shifted to Faisalabad in 1961.


The Cooperative Training College Faisalabad has affiliated with the Agricultural University Faisalabad during 2015. The duration of Diploma is one year’s training regarding cooperative and agriculture subjects.