The college has a library containing 5230 books according to the stock register on the subjects of Cooperation, Economics, Agriculture Economics, Book-keeping, Accounting, Auditing Marketing, Business Management, Banking, Cooperative Law and other Laws. History, Literature and General Knowledge. It is much helpful in supporting and supplementing the Educational and Training activities of the college.

Administrative Block

  • Principal's Office                
  • Instructor's Office               
  • Two offices for Junior Instructors     
  • Office for official      
  • Library                   
  • Class Rooms             


  • Seven (24-persons) Residential Rooms 
  • Dinning Hall           
  • Common Room       
  • Kitchen                  
  • Three Stores                   
  • Hostel Superintendent Room 


  • Four A-Type Quarter 
  • Two D-Type Quarter 
  • One E-Type Quarter