Farming Societies

Cooperative Farming grew in Punjab from a pressing economic need. It was initiated here through a Cooperative Farming Scheme in 1948, with the following objects:

  • To rehabilitate landless refugees from East Punjab and local landless tenants on state land

  • To increase agricultural production through improved methods of cultivation, credit, supply and marketing facilities and supplementing canal irrigation by installing tube-wells

  • To develop facilities like education, medical aid, storage, recreation, etc, on self-help

Almost 142928 acres of state land was allotted to 132 Cooperative Farming Societies organized in the Multan, Sahiwal, Vehari, Khanewal, Okara, Lodhran and Toba Tek Singh Districts, of which 135318 acres were leased to 9534 members in units of 12-1/2 acres. The remaining 7610 acres were used for village sites, water channels, etc.

Up to Rabi 1959-60, Cooperative-Farming Societies received 40% of produce from their members in lieu of lease money on behalf of member allottees for development and management. Conditions of allotment of land were changed in Kharif 1960. Government decided to grant proprietary rights to members against payment of price @ 20/- PIU in 30/40 Six-monthly installments through the Societies.

Cooperative Farming Scheme and Colony Cooperative Farming Union (CCFU)

  • No. of Coop. Farming Societies (Chaks)


  • No. of Districts in the Union


  • Area allocated

147000 Acres

  • Allottee Members


  • Members eligible for Proprietary rights


  • Members obtained Conveyance Deeds


  • Members not granted Conveyance Deeds


  • Amount Deposited

PKR 88.7 Million

Salient Features

  • CCFU created in 1961
  • Pioneer in Mechanized Farming
  • BOD runs the affairs of CCFU
  • CFS grouped in 6 circles headed by Circle Officer
  • Each Chak headed by a Chak Manager
  • Currently supplies agricultural inputs
  • Manager Production Credit for Women

Moreover, CCFU obeserve the stats given as below:

  • Share Capital

PKR 3.04 Million

  • Working Capital

PKR 31.50 Million

  • Balance

PKR 0.21 Million

  • Outstanding Loan

PKR 13.67 Million

  • Amount spent on Constructions of Roads, Buildings etc.,

PKR 4.6 Million

  • Introduced Mechanized Farming

Mar 29, 1961

  • CFS selected for providing loans under PCW


  • Advance made

990 Women

  • Amount of Loan through Revolving Scheme

PKR 9.8 Million

  • Last election of BOD of the CCFU

May 10, 2009