Future Plans

Cooperative Milk Societies, Vehari 

The initiative of Cooperative Milk Societies has been taken in collaboration with Plan International Pakistan (NGO) in Vehari district. The aim is to eliminate poverty of the poor farmers, with an objective to mitigate the effects of inflation in food prices and to increase house hold food security through proved productivity and quality in dairy sector. Small farmers, along with women and children are the target beneficiary of this project. The process of general registration of Cooperatives Milk Societies is under way. It is added that Cooperative Milk Project Vehari is self-generated project. Its collection points are headquarters of the Cooperative Milk Societies (CMS) at Village land. Farmer members sell their milk to the CMS and get revocable rates at their door step. The collected milk is transported to Cooperative Sale Points from home people get pure milk on cheap rate. The authorities of the Department intend to replicate the Model in other districts of the Punjab.

Job Opportunities

This Project has creates many jobs without putting financial burden upon the Govt. which are as under:

  • Manager at village land
  • Driver for transportation of Milk
  • Sales boys