Industrial Societies

Industrial Cooperatives are intended to offer many advantages to the individual artisans, small entrepreneurs and craftsmen. The members through this medium could purchase raw material and appliances at a fair price, raise capital and market their products on favorable terms. These Cooperatives aim at:

  • Enabling workers to own implements of production

  • Enabling greater industrial self-determination

  • Raising status of workers from wage-earners to the partners

  • The workers participation in the surplus from their associated labour

  • Restoring pride of the craft in corporate production by developing collective spirit

The prominent Industrial Cooperatives of Punjab is Pakistan Cycle Industrial Cooperative Society Lahore.This is the largest Industrial Society. It was set up in 1953 and produces bicycles with the brand names of "RUSTAM" and "SOHRAB" and also manufactures different models of motorcycles with the brand name of “SOHRAB". This society is an example of a well-managed and profitable industrial Cooperation. The society also exports bicycles, motorcycles and spare parts.