Multipurpose Societies

The Punjab Provincial Cooperative Supply & Marketing Federation (PCF)

The multipurpose co-operative society has large number of functions to discharge. As the name indicates its responsibility for different purpose for which it has been set up. It can work for arranging credit, improved seeds, agricultural implements, fertilizers, sanitation, health etc. for its members. Normally it discharges the following functions.

  • Established as an apex society in 1985 under a development scheme
  • Consists of 31 District Supply & Marketing Federation (DCFs)


  • Arranges supply of agricultural inputs, machinery and marketing of agricultural products of the members
  • Affairs run by BOD comprising 23 members (16 elected and 7 ex-officio)
  • Office establishment headed by M.D.

The Punjab Cooperatives Consumer Society (CO-OP)

  • Established in 1967 with Danish Govt.’s assistance


  • To combat hoarding and black marketing
  • To ensure steady supply of essential commodities at reasonable price

Salient Features

  • Entered into a joint venture with Punjab Information Technology Board in 2006
  • 34 employees laid off in January 2010
  • Skeleton staff has been retained
  • Society is being reorganized 

Punjab Cooperative Union

  • Pioneer Co-op Institution – 1918
  • Torchbearer of Co-op Movement


  • Provide Education, guidance and promote awareness
  • General council – supreme authority
  • Elects BOD – one member from each district and a nominee of Registrar Cooperative Societies.

Publication of Books & Bye-Laws

PCU is the sole authority for publication of all kind of books related to cooperative like Bye-Laws, accounts books, minute books, and promotional brochures in accordance with cooperative Act and Rules. PCU is publishing 25 kinds of books items. PCU is the only source for provision of books to cooperative societies and PPCBL in the province of Punjab. Audit notes are provided free of cost while other books are sold on no profit no loss basis.